Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Glass Baskets

Glass baskets have been around for centuries.  There are tons of different styles which include art glass, cut glass, milk glass, and even ones that sport enamel paint.

These creations were made to hold pastries, or even flowers.  Others were made to hold sugar, jelly, or even spoons.  Small baskets were even used as serving pieces.  Larger baskets were used as centerpieces, and often sport feet.  Large baskets even have a handle to help carry them so that they are not such a bear.

There are even a ton of companies that have produced a basket.  Fenton, Westmoreland, Mckee, Duncan Miller, and even Northwood are just a small portion of companies that have made baskets.

Today, baskets are still treasured because of their beauty and color. Marigold, amethyst and even milk glass and many more colors are on the market can fit any color scheme in your house.

You can see all of the fantastic baskets I have listed in my Etsy store here.  What kinds of baskets have you found?

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