Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The benefits Of Childhood Collecting

Collecting can be a fun hobby for all ages.  For children, it can start them on an adventure that can last a lifetime.

Boys who love sports can find the inexpensive rookie sports cars of today’s players that in the future might well hold the image of a Hall of Famer and command big dollars.

Girls can begin to collect modern inexpensive jewelry as an entry into recognizing the value of more expensive pieces.

But those are certainly not the only areas open.  Both boys and girls can find enjoyment in collecting coins, stamps, books, games, old photos—while adding history, value and research skills to the mix.

What kinds of items did you collect when you were a kid?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The mystery has finally been solved!

One of the first blogs that I did here; I posed a question about an item that I had found at a local antique mall.  I just didn’t know what it could have been.

Was it part of a lamp?  Could it have been a beverage dispenser or a paper clip holder?  I was just plain stumped.

I looked high and low to what this could have been.  I looked online, I looked at some reference books, and I even asked a few people around where I live.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks—it’s a homemade Loving Cup trophy.

I’ve seen a loving cup used a couple of ways.  I’ve seen it used as a trophy that’s given to the winner of a competition or even used at weddings as a shared drinking container.

What time frame was this piece was made you say?  The piece has marks “FORBES SILVER CO / JOHN T McLELLAN / PATENT APPLIED FOR” on it which helps give me a time frame when the pieces were first made  (which date to about the 1880’s).

From the patina that’s on it, I’d say that everything was “upcycled” into this current form in the early 1900’s.

It’s always fun to me to try and find out what a piece was used for, even when it becomes something cool like this.

What kinds of fun items like this that you have come across that has stumped you?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winter sales for everyone!

Burr!  What’s bad about this time of the year is that it’s so cold outside.  The snow and ice make it even worse in my opinion.

When the temperatures hit rock bottom outside, there are sales going on for many flea market and antique dealers.

When the sun’s out and the roads are clear (even though the thermometer reads 15 degrees) grab your coat and head out to your favorite store.  Chances are the winter sales are really heating up this January.  Or you could stay inside and stay warm and browse my shop on Etsy and eBay for discounted items which can be seen here and here.

One of the discounted items that you will run across is this Czechoslovakian  double handled vase.

The 1950’s saw the production of this vase, and the great thing that it has going for it is the floral motif.

You can see the vase in my Etsy store here.  I am also running a sale on Etsy, and you can use coupon code STORESALE20 to get 20% off on any purchase price.

So make sure you make some hot chocolate or coffee to help keep warm!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Would you be my Valentine?

On February 14th, school kids trade Valentines with their friends.  Candy sales explode leading up to (and even on the day of) this day.

Roses in vases and long white florist boxes bring smiles and hugs.

But what brings a gleam to a woman’s eye more than a piece of sparkling jewelry?

Wisdom Lane Antiques is highlighting this wonderful pair of sterling silver and rhinestone screw back earrings that was made by Van Dell.

These earrings were made in the 1950's, which can be dated by the way they were marked on the screw backing.  They would look terrific with just about any outfit for when you go to paint the town red.

You can see the earrings in my Etsy store here.

I hope that you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!