Wednesday, February 25, 2015

ITEM SPOTLIGHT: Fenton Grape Leaf Pattern Pink Milk Glass from the 1950’s

During the 1950’s, Fenton produced many patterns and pieces.  One of the patterns that was produced is called the “Leaf” pattern.  It comes in many colors like white milk glass and pink milk glass to name just a few.

The pattern was made for a couple of years, and one of the pieces that was made in this pattern was this footed decorative plate.  You can tell that it was made by Fenton is the fact that some pieces were marked on the bottom of the plate.  If it's not marked on the bottom, one of the dead giveaways that it's a Fenton piece by the styling of the handle and the edge that's on the plate.

Even though desert, salad, or even Buffalo wings are only a small portion of what you can serve on this plate; it was described by Fenton as a decorative plate, so most likely you will see this item displayed on top of a piano with either candy or potpourri.

You can see the plate in my Etsy shop here.  What kind of interesting pieces of Fenton Art Glass have you seen?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What are some questions that you ask a dealer?

There are times when you buy an item and you realize that you WAY overpaid.  Or you find out that the items a reproduction.  You stand there and start to kick yourself over it.  There are even times when you are interested in purchasing an item and not sure about it.  As collectors and dealer, we eventually will get to that point.

There are some questions that you need to remember that are very useful.  What are they you ask?

What do you know about the item?  Do you know when it was made?  Is it the real deal or is it a reproduction, and how do you know?  Has this item been repaired?  If it has been repaired, where and how was it repaired?  Was it restored?  Do you know who made it, and what was it used for?

These are all great questions to help you out, and you will eventually add to this list over time.  Any honest dealer will be more than glad to answer any and all of these questions for you.

There’s one great rule of thumb that I have for this—if you still have any lingering questions or doubts about the item, just walk away from it and think about it.  If, over time, you feel that there’s something about it that isn’t right, don’t buy it.

What kinds of questions have you asked about an item?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Milk glass for every occasion!

We all have seen it at estate sales, auctions, and our own kitchens or attics.  So, what in the world is milk glass exactly you say?  This is very simple to answer; it’s a milky white glass that’s been either hand blown or mold made.

Vintage 1950s FENTON Milk Glass Hobnail Vase With Paper Label 

 Milk glass got its start in Venice in the 16th century.  By the time the 19th century rolled around, glass makers were making a version of this glassware.  It was a milky white opaque glass that they called an “opal glass".  The name milk glass is a more recent name, and is a name that you will hear quite often when you go antique shopping.

Milk glass has been made into lamps and lamp shades, vases, plates, bowls, dinnerware of all kinds, and many more shapes.  Perhaps one of the most famous uses of this type of glass is for the four faces of the information booth clock at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.

*picture courtesy of

Fenton, Fostoria Glass, Imperial Glass, and even the Westmoreland Glass Company are only a tiny amount of companies that have made milk glass.

The prices of this glassware are as widespread as the glass companies that made it.  It can be picked up for a couple of dollars to several hundred.  Several examples can be seen in my Etsy shop, like this hobnail fan vase:

Fenton White Hobnail Milk Glass Fan Vase 1970s 

All of the milk glass pieces can be seen in my Etsy shop here.

What are your favorite ways to display milk glass?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Get ready for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is the day when kids make special boxes and trade cards in their school.  Grownups likewise search for just the right present to give to the ones they love.

It’s a day for giving red roses, candy, and maybe taking that special someone out to eat or even to a movie that they have been dying to see.

Another great gift is always a piece of jewelry.  A piece of red jewelry might just be the perfect gift for that person.  One item is this terrific floral shaped pin with red stones:

Vintage Floral Pin Or Brooch With Red Stones And Faux Pearl Center Stone Silver Backing 
The pin can be seen in my Etsy shop here.  Another terrific item to get is this brass colored filigree bracelet:

Collectible 1970s Hinged Brass Colored Filigree Bracelet With Red Stones And Floral Motif Unmarked 
The bracelet dates to the 1970's, and has a hinge on it to help get it on and off.  You can see the bracelet in my Etsy shop here.

You can see these items (and many more) in my Etsy shop here.  I even have some terrific items on eBay, which can be seen here.