Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A brief history of the Westmoreland Glass Company

The Westmoreland Glass Company was founded in 1889, and was based in Grapeville,Pennsylvania (which is not too far from Greensburg, Pennsylvania).  The company was run by brothers George and Charles West, which were the majority shareholders of the company.

When the company opened, the main production was pressed glass tableware lines, mustard jars, and even candy containers.

The brothers ran the company until 1921, when George West went on to run his own company.

The company was then run by Charles West and his close friend Ira Brainard.  When this happened, the name of the company changed from Westmoreland Specialty Company to Westmoreland Glass Company.  Shortly after the change, Westmoreland started to produce cut glass and even high quality hand decorated glass.

The 1940’s saw James H. Brainard (Ira’s relative) take over ownership of the company.  At this time, they went with mass produced milk glass and discontinued the hand decorated glass.

The company eventually went out of business in 1984, and the building was apparently converted into a storage facility.

There’s a very wide range of glassware that Westmoreland produced over the many years they were in business.  This can be very helpful for a collector that’s on a very strict budget, and they can find something to decorate with or collect for not much money.

What kinds of Westmoreland pieces that you have found that you treasure?

Friday, March 20, 2015

It’s time for some outdoor fun!

The long winter is on its way out—finally.  And with spring, our thoughts turn to the outdoors.  We love to go for a walk in the park, or even to catch a ball game.

We think about things from baseball to tennis, golf and even fishing.  We even think about hiking and even some picnics in the park.


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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

1970’s chic pieces

2015 runway fashion predictions are for a return to the more lady-like look of the 1970’s.  Longer skirts, platform shoes, purses, and even jewelry.

Wisdom Lane is featuring the following items that are straight from the 1970’s.  The first item is this wonderful Sarah Coventry pin and earring set with a cool starburst pattern.

Collectible 1970s Sarah Coventry Silvertone Flower Or Starburst Pin Or Brooch And Clip On Earrings With Faux Peal Stone In Original Box 

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Handmade Three Piece Ladies Red White And Blue Suit With Jacket Sleeveless Shirt And Skirt 1970s Look Mary Tyler Moore Look 

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What kinds of items have you found?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Prom is coming and what shall I wear?

Say goodbye to winter and hello to prom season.  Now is the time of year for both the kids and parents to start to look to find the perfect outfit to wear.  There are a ton of ideas for a dress that you can go with.

Retro is in, and these looks cover the gamut from 1950’s flirty to 1980s’ chic.  One example is this terrific yellow taffeta formal.

Vintage 1950s Yellow Net Over Taffeta Formal Wedding Prom Party Full Length Dress With Spaghetti Straps Handmade

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Vintage 1980s KR of NY Red And White Kiss Pattern Dress Peplum Top Size 5 to 6

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If a modern and sophisticated look is more your style, here’s a sample of the looks that you can find.  The first dress is this great formal by STEPPIN OUT:

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hey, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon!

St. Patrick’s Day is a day known for marching bands, celebrations, eating lots of corned beef and cabbage and “the wearin’ of the green.”  We all claim a bit of Irish on March the 17th.

After a long, cold winter that green also seems to welcome spring.  Why not find that perfect pop of green to remember the day and to add a fresh “spring” touch to your d├ęcor.

There are several items that I have for sale online that can do just that.  The first is this enamelware chrisolyte tea pot.

Vintage Chrysolite (Dark Green) Enamelware Graniteware Teapot Or Coffee Pot Country Kitchen 

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Vintage 1920s Green Weller Squat Vase Dogwood Pattern 

You can also have a grand time on St. Patrick’s Day serving your favorite Irish drink using this wonderful cocktail set.

Mix And Match Cocktail Or Lemonade Set With Green Fenton Coin Dot Pitcher 4 Green Depression Glass Tumblers And Crystal Stir Stick 

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