Sunday, July 27, 2014

Carnival glass

Carnival glass was produced from 1905 until the late 1920's.  It achieved great popularity because it could be mass produced at a small cost.  This type of glassware was even given away at carnivals as prizes, which gave the glassware its name.

Vintage 1920s THREE FRUITS Carnival Glass 12 Sided Amethyst Footed Plate By Fenton

Carnival glass is pressed glass that has been coated with a sodium solution and then fired to give the exterior a luster or shine.

 Vintage Carnival Glass Dugan Marigold Double Stem Rose Bowl with Ruffled Edge Console Fruit Bowl Center[iece Fower Display

Colors include marigold, green, blue and even purple.  The other colors that were produced (in lesser numbers) include white, clear, red, aqua and peach opalescent, ice blue, ice green, amber, smoke, and even lavender.

 Carnival Marigold Compote Curved Star Cathedral US Glass

Carnival glass comes in all shapes and sizes.  You could get pieces for the table like compotes, plates or bowls.  Not only could things for the table, you could get things to wear, like this really cool bolo tie with the Windmill pattern:

Carnival Glass Bolo Tie With Windmill Pattern 1930s Neck Tie Accessory Cowboy

Still being reproduced today, today's collector needs to be able to recognize all of the look alikes (so make sure you ready plenty).

You can find some great examples in my Etsy store here.  What kind of finds have you seen?

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