Monday, July 30, 2012

Fast Facts On the First Auctions

*Some of the first auctions were held in ancient Rome.  Like in modern times, the people of ancient Rome would sell off household goods like furniture to pay off debts.  These auctions could last for months.

*When the items that were seized by the Army during the American Civil War, they would be sold by the Colonel of the Division.  That’s why you see some auctioneers carry the title of “Colonel”.

With the invention of the internet, it is now very possible to find and attend any auction that you could ever want.  This is a great way to help you find that piece to help you complete your collection.


  1. what a pretty little place you have here. your blog is a true inspiration to anyone who loves antiques like i do. keep the good job, i'll be visiting you!

    1. Thanks! You're welcome to come by any time.

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