Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flow Blue Brush Holder

It's great to see when an antique or collectible can still be used many years after it was first produced.

Take this terrific Flow Blue brush holder.  With Flow blue being introduced sometimes in the 1820's, it became popular in America in the 1840's.  It's still popular with collectors today.

There are plenty of pieces of Flow Blue that are like this holder.  There are pitchers, bowls, plates, saucers, soup taureens, the list just goes on and on.  Tons of pieces can be still be used today.

You could find a job for this holder in the bathroom, by the artist's easel, on the dresser in your room, or even on the kitchen counter holding pens or pencils so you can take a phone message, if the need arises.  What kind of ideas could you come up with for such a versitile piece?

You can find the Flow Blue brush holder in my Etsy store here.

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