Saturday, July 28, 2012

Madrid Depression Glass And It’s Counterpart

This pattern has been around since 1932, and is still being produced today (now it is being called the Recollection Pattern made by Indiana Glass Company).  There are quite a few ways to tell if the piece you’re looking at is Madrid, or if it is part of the Recollection pattern.

In 1976, the Federal Glass company released Madrid as part of their Bicentennial line.  To help discern this from the original, there’s a “76” that has been stamped into the mold.

The Indiana Glass company released the Recollection starting in the 1980’s.  Some of the pieces that Indiana Glass has released were never produced by the Federal Glass company.  Some of the molds were put together, like the candlestick and bowl molds to produce a kind of a pedestal bowl.  If you happen to run across one of these pieces, look at where the bowl joins with the “base”.  If you see some ribbing inside what looks like a hollow area, then this is a modern piece.

The grill plate is different as well.  The original has been divided into three compartments, and the newer one has only two.

It’s amazing how much of both patterns are here in the Ozarks.  Keep an eye peeled when it comes to this pattern—you just might be paying good money for a newer piece.

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