Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Century Of Progress

When the Worlds Fair came to Chicago, it was called “A Century Of Progress International Exposition”.  It was originally to run from May 27th 1933 until November 12th 1933, but it was such a success that the Fair was opened again on May 26th the following year and ran until October 31st, 1934.
There were many exhibitors at the Chicago Worlds Fair, some of the exhibitors were automobile manufactures (some of the manufactures were Cadillac, Nash, Pierce Arrow, Packard, and Lincoln).  Another exhibitor was the Union Pacific Railroad, and they introduced their first streamlined train, the M-10000.
The Chicago Worlds Fair of 1933-1934 has a vast area of souvenirs that you could collect.  There are programs, buttons, flyers, coins, badges, ash trays, photographs, tape measures (I’m not joking on the last one), banks, and the list just goes on and on.
I can find plenty of different items here in the Ozarks when it comes to collecting the Chicago Worlds Fair.  The prices are all over the place, it really depends on how rare and well preserved the piece is.

The great thing about any Worlds Fair is that every piece that came from it is marked with the year and the name of the Fair that it came from.

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