Friday, October 30, 2015

HAEGAR Pottery Cylinder Vase Brown Drip Glaze Mold #03917

Haegar pottery got their start as a Dundee, Illinois brickyard in 1852.  They got their clay from the riverbank of the Fox River.

When the 1920’s rolled around, they were making teaware, luncheonware, crystal and glassware.


The 1960’s saw the production of the vase pictured above.  Haegar pottery produced this wonderful cylinder vase with a brown drip glaze, and it’s mold #03917.  This style of vase can be found in a wide variety of colors including (but not limited to) green, blue and even grey.

What's great about this vase is the fact that the top of it is wide enough to where it doesn't do any damage to your flowers.

You can see this terrific vase in my eBay shop here.  What kinds of Haegar pottery have you run across?

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