Saturday, March 7, 2015

What happened in 1792?

It’s always fun to find out what happened in a year, especially if you are a vintage and antiques lover.  Since you’re always looking around to find out what happened during the time that a piece in your collection was made, you will quickly run across tons of facts.  Here’s a few that I’ve run across recently:

On February 20th, The Postal Service Act was signed by George Washington.  This established the United States Post Office.

March 20th saw a new capital of North Carolina and county seat of the newly formed Wake County.  This was after North Carolina State Senator and surveyor William Christmas submits his design for the city. A few months later, the capital is named Raleigh in honor of Sir Walter Raleigh.

On the day of April 2nd, The Coinage Act is passed.   This Act established the United States Mint, which produced a half cent, cent, half disme (or half dime), dime, quarter, half dollar, and a dollar coins.  There were even gold coins with a $2.50, $5, and $10 face value.

What kind of fun facts have you run across?

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