Saturday, August 23, 2014

An egg cup for any collection

Egg cups lineage can be traced back to the ruins of Pompeii.  They have been made in every conceivable material (glass, ceramic, plastic, wood, rubber, metal, and many more).

Still being produced today, egg cups can range from inexpensive to big dollar prices.  What it was made of and if there is a pattern on the piece are only two for the factors that drive the price of it.

There are quite a few different categories that these fall into.  Art Deco, Black Memorabilia, Personalities (like a certain actor), Souvenir Ware (like advertising a city you have been to), and Staffordshireware are just a small portion that egg cups can fall into.

Those that date prior to 1840 are quite scarce, as are the character cups of the 1930's.

Do you happen to have a really cool example of an egg cup in your collection?

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