Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Buying lesson—check items out for damage!

Recently at an estate sale, I bought quite a few items.  One of the items was a Lefton salad plate made for the Order Of The Eastern Star.

I had purchased it under the notion that the plate was in good shape.  When I got the plate home, I found that the plate had a good sized chip on the edge of it.

Today when we shop, we have the ability to use out cell phone to check out the worth and rarity of a piece that we are interested in.  To a great extent, it has diminished the need to go with your gut, but not completely.

You still have to be able to judge an item if it’s fake—and frankly to discover flaws.  You need to use your fingers and the light around you to discover chips and cracks.

Fortunately, my purchase mistake was inexpensive.  It was less than 5 dollars.

Currently in my Etsy store, I have an Eastern Star cup and saucer for sale (which can be seen here).  I am including this plate as a free gift when you purchase the cup and saucer.

What kinds of mistakes have you made when you purchased an item?

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