Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Homeowners this time of year begin to get rid of lawn weeds in hopes of having a lush green front yard.  Likewise, shoppers need to learn to “weed out” those items which typically show up on flea market and antique shelves this time of year.

Weeds are what I like to call reproductions, and they can be quite convincing.

It could be an advertising sign that is rusted and looks to be ever so real.  Damage to the corners, fading to the paint, and even dents are all applied to a brand new sign to help make it look older than it is.

There’s glassware on the market that copies Depression glass and art glass patterns.  It is so convincing that the pattern and the color are the spitting image of the old items.  There are manufacturers that have figured out how to make a piece of glass “glow” like the old stuff without using Uranium.

Brass imports such as spittoons or boxes, wooden furniture that is hammered and faded are also plentiful without much looking around.

So, buyer beware.  Do your homework!  You can never have too much information when it comes to antiques, it always comes in handy.

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