Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bride’s Baskets and Bowls

These berry of fruit bowls were popular in the late Victorian wedding gifts.  Art glass inserts included transparent colors with enameled floral patterns, Peachblow, satin glass, cased glass, and much more.

They were often cradled in silver-plated holders that were engraved or embossed with cherubs and even a wide assortment of animals including birds.

Bride’s baskets fell out of fashion after the turn of the century.  Collecting the extraordinarily beautiful examples is possible even today.  I have seen a huge variety of these at auctions, estate sales, and even antique shows where I live.  You can even collect these by the maker or to fit the color motif of a certain room.

There are some fantastic bride's baskets and bowls in my Etsy shop, which can be seen here.

Do you have any bride’s baskets or bowls?

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