Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vintage polyester

Polyester is great.  It doesn't wrinkle (who likes to iron), it lasts wash after wash, and keeps its color and doesn't fade.

Vintage Frederick’s of Hollywood Jumpsuit Navy With Floral Pattern Circa 1970s Bell Bottom Disco Cool

In the 1960's and 1970's when the fabric hit its highest popularity, it was looked at as almost a miracle fabric.  Today, maybe the description is tacky.   "How many polyesters does it take to make a blouse" is a common joke about it.

Vintage Fredericks of Hollywood Jumpsuit Pink 1970s Small Disco Cool

The "retro" look of jumpsuits, dresses, or even leisure suits is still popular today for the stylish offerings that were made out of the fabric.

Vintage Jumpsuit Black With Floral Gold Lame Drape 1980s Marked Stash Cool

There are three fantastic jumpsuits in my etsy shop, which can be seen here.  What kinds of colorful, stylish (and best of all wrinkle free) finds do you have in your closet?

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