Wednesday, January 27, 2016

That would be great in my DVD collection!

DVDs are a very popular format in today's world.  They can have movies, television shows, or even animated shows.

One of the possibilities that you can do is to get a complete season for a show that you love.  One of the shows that I have a complete season for is RAY DONOVAN.

This is for season one, and the DVD was released in 2014.  You can see this DVD in my eBay store here.  Are animated movies more of your thing?  You could get the INVINCIBLE IRON MAN animated movie.

This DVD came out in 2007, and you can see it in my eBay store here.  Sometimes a show may have the time it's changed and you miss watching it.  You could also miss a show for other reasons.  If so, you might look for a later season.

You could do that with season 2 of the show WEEDS.

You can see this great DVD in my eBay store here.  You can also see all of the DVDs that I have for sale on eBay here.

What kinds of shows or movies do you like to watch?

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