Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fun facts about Chippendale furniture

Chippendale furniture is the most recognizable style of furniture out there.  This style started in the mid 1700's and ran until about 1790 and was named after the English cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale.

Here's some facts about Chippendale furniture:

Being named after Thomas Chippendale, this was the first style that was named after a cabinetmaker, not a monarch.

Chippendale designs fall into three main styles: Gothic, Rococo, and Chinese. Chippendale blended these disparate stylistic elements into harmonious and unified designs.

The term Chippendale specifically refers to English furniture of the 1750s and ’60s.  This furniture was made in a modified Rococo style.

The most common wood that was used in this style was mahogany.  It was also made out of solid wood more often than not to accommodate the elaborate carving found in this style (although veneers were sometimes used).

What kinds of pieces have you found in the Chippendale style that you fell in love with?

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