Friday, January 3, 2014

What happened in 1861?

The year 1861 was a very interesting, and a very scary, time in the United States.

In early February, states started to split from the Union.  The Confederate States of America was formed and Jefferson Davis was elected President

On April 12th, Fort Sumter was attacked and the Civil War started.

The United States had Branch Mints (Mints that were based in different towns that produced the money that was found in circulation) in Dahlonega Georgia; Charlotte North Carolina; and New Orleans Louisiana.  These mints fell into the hands of the Confederate Government when the individual states broke off from the Union.

What does all of this mean in the collectible area?  Guns, uniforms, tents, and anything that could have been used during the Civil War is still very collectible.

When the Confederate Government ran the mints in the south, they produced some coins and paper money that are also very collectible.

What have you heard about that happened in the year 1861?

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