Saturday, November 24, 2012

It’s Tea Time

When 1971 rolled around, Mosser Glass Company produced a Children’s Set with the “Jennifer” pattern. 

The “Jennifer” pattern is based on the Depression glass pattern that’s called “Cameo.”  The “Cameo” is also called “Ballerina” or “Dancing Girl” and was produced by Hocking Glass Company from 1930 to 1934.  When the Hocking Glass Company made the “Cameo” pattern, they never produced any children’s dishes, so you if you happen to run across a child’s dish in this pattern, you know it was made by the Mosser Glass Company in 1971.

This set happens to have 17 small groupings in it, and each grouping has two or three pieces each sold in their own box.  Each group could have a bowl and a pair of candlesticks, a few grill plates (also called a divided or 3 compartment plate), or even a teapot and cups.  This way you could mix and match what pieces you would want so that you don’t have a massive set on your hands.

The groups can be found either loose, or you can find them still in their original boxes.
The great thing about having the box for the collections is twofold when you think about it.  Not only do they add value to the set, they are also a great way to help store the items when you happen to pick up some of the pieces.
Be careful, though.  The pieces that you find can be chipped or even cracked due to the fact that children could have used these at tea time, so be sure to check every piece that you are interested in very thoroughly.
I have a collection of the “Jennifer” set in my Etsy store, which can be seen here.



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