Thursday, November 15, 2012

Goofus Glass: Holiday Decoration

The great thing about the antiques and collectibles area is the fact that you never know what you might run across that you could use or display during the holidays.  It could be just about anything, really.
Goofus Glass is a perfect collectible for the holidays.

Goofus Glass Vase Grape and Leaves Pattern

 The dominant colors on many Goofus Glass items, gold and red, would go great with any Christmas decoration that you might have.
Vintage Goofus Glass Bowl LA BELLE ROSE Pattern
And the great thing is that you can pick up some pieces that could have a dual purpose.   The powder jar shown below could be used as a potpourri holder (cinnamon potpourri makes any home smell like the holidays), and the bowl above can hold anything from holiday ornaments to decorations for the table.
Goofus Glass Vanity Jar With Rose Pattern
Even a vase could be a multi-purpose item.  Not only could it hold flowers, it could even be used to hold a bouquet of vintage cocktail stirrers.
Goofus Vase With Pattern Titled Odd Bird Sitting On a Grape Vine
Just be careful, though.  The relatives could see the Goofus Glass pieces and want to take them home with them after the holidays are over.
You can see all of the Goofus Glass in my Etsy store here.

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