Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Double Your Pleasure

There are things in the world that are perfect as a pair: shoes, socks, gloves…

Speaking of fantastic pairs, I currently have a pair of copper bracelets that were made by the Bell Trading Post listed on Etsy right now.  Even though they have different motifs (one has a Native American motif, and the other has the illusion that you are wearing three bracelets), they still are a great pair.

One of the great things about these bracelets is that the copper color goes with just about anything, and can jazz up just about any outfit that you wear.  The other is that they are sturdy and won’t break with everyday use.

You can see the bracelets in my Etsy store here.

Another terrific twosome that I have for sale right now is a pair of miniature enamelware coffee pots.


These have plenty of modern-day uses.  They can be used as bookends to hold some of the storybooks for your children, or even as paperweights for your desk.

You can see the coffee pots in my TIAS store here.

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