Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Truly Special Find

You don’t get any better than this in the collectible world:  thanks to shows like American Pickers, porcelain signs are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after antiques.

This one-sided Mobilgas gas pump sign, which I recently listed on TIAS, is a perfect way to get in on the craze.

Most of the porcelain signs I run into are so big, they literally need an 18-wheeler to transport, and a barn to hang on.  But at 12 ½ by 12 inches—that’s inches, not feet—this Mobilgas sign is the perfect way to begin collecting signs.  It would make a great addition to a garage, or over a bar, a little boy’s room, or in a man cave.

A pump featuring a similar Mobilgas sign recently sold at a Barrett-Jackson auction for $5700.

If you’re in the market for a Christmas present for the man or car enthusiast in your life, or know someone who is restoring an old gas pump, this sign is for you.  Head over to TIAS and get a good look.

As for the window for the coupon code that  I had ready to give to the person with the best answer for the Forbes silver item that I needed help with, it's now closed.  You can still help out with giving a guess on what it could possibly be!  Any help is gladly welcome.

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  1. Those porcelain signs have been popular down here (Mississippi) for a long time--every time I go to an auction all the men are there for either the signs or guns. Of course they're all mad at "American Pickers" for making the signs so expensive!