Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fun Facts For Coins

Sometimes there are great little tidbits that make you stop and just scratch your head, or even pause in amazement when you hear them.  It’s true for every collectible area on the market.  Here’s a few about coins:

 *Did you know that the cents that we carry around in our pockets today didn’t start out that size?  When the cent was first introduced in 1793, it was about the size of  a modern half dollar.

*The United States Mint produced what is now called odd-denomination coins.  These include the half cent, the 2 cent, the 3 cent, and the 20 cent coins.

*The United States Mint is currently is located in San Francisco California, Denver Colorado, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Did you know that they also had mints in Carson City Nevada, and Dahlonega, Georgia?

*The 5 cent piece, which is commonly called the nickel, didn’t always go by that name.  It was introduced as the Half Dime.  It started in 1796, and was used with a few breaks until 1873.

As you become more and more invested in a certain area of collecting, what kind of fun facts will you come across?


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