Monday, June 18, 2012

Another Lesson Learned

While shopping at one of the local antique malls in my area, I happened onto something that could be a very good thing. It happened to be an R S Suhl shaker, or even possibly hat pin holder.

With the price being right, and some wear being present on the bottom of the shaker, I went ahead and bought it.  When I went to find out what I could about the mark (so I could list it online), there was a little voice in the back of my head that was saying that something was not right.

And then I found a shaker just like the one that I have.  I was thrilled!  I started to read what was posted online about it, and sure enough, that little voice I was hearing was right.  The thing was a fake.
The lesson I learned?  A little research and knowledge can go a long way in the long run.


  1. I'm learning from experience to trust my instincts. I used to second guess myself when deciding whether or not to buy an item for re-sale, but I'm learning to block out the voice in my head that steers me wrong.

  2. I'm in the same boat. I don't know if that pesky voice in the back of my head can ever be silenced, but I'm sure that I will get a better grip on the volume knob and turn it down when I am in a similar situation.