Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Auction Highlight: Larry Tisdale Illustrated Program

Overall, I was pleased with the results of my first Wisdom Lane eBay auction—everything up for bid sold (my Buy It Now Haynes Ware Pitcher / Creamer is still available).  One item even had multiple bids.

A new week means a new eBay auction is currently underway.  I’ve got some great stuff again this week—one of my favorite items is this basketball program, illustrated by Larry Tisdale:


Tisdale was one of several illustrators, such as Fred Fixler and Lon Keller, who provided program artwork during this time period (this program dates from 1948).  This particular program not only advertises Coca Cola, it even features the Coca Cola Sprite Boy:

Tisdale’s artwork is really striking—and I feel certain that this program came from a local high school game.  The score card inside features “SHS Bulldogs” vs. “University City.”  Here in town, Central High used to be Springfield High School, and their mascot is a Bulldog.  So this item is a great cross-collectible: you get Tisdale’s work, a Coke ad, sports memorabilia, and a piece of local history.

More on Tisdale and his fellow illustrators here.  Be sure to get your bid in on the program or other items on eBay. 

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