Thursday, December 3, 2015

It’s cold outside, so grab a coat!

With the cold weather now starting to set it, it’s a good idea to grab a coat to take with you.  The great thing is that they can be tailored to how cold it is outside.  If you are needing one when you head out on the town and it's not that bad, this great leather jacket would do the trick.

It was made by Margaret Godfrey, and you can see it in my eBay store here.  Another one that will come in handy especially when the wind starts to blow is this terrific full length suede coat.

It's a Wilson's Leather Maxima full length suede coat, and it's got a terrific faux fur collar to help keep the wind off the back of your neck.  You can see this coat in my eBay store here.  Another coat that will really help keep you warm is this leopard print faux fur coat.

It was made by J. Percy for Marvin Richards, and is a size extra small.  You can see this wonderful coat in my Etsy store here.

What kinds of coats have you used to keep warm?

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