Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Superman—where did he get his start?

Superman is one of the recognizable comic book characters in the world.  But there is one rather large question—where did Superman get his start?

Sure, you might say that Superman can trace his roots all the way back to Krypton, but the character was created in 1933.  Superman was created that year by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster.  The character was then sold off to Detective Comics, Inc.  If that publishers name fools you, they eventually became DC Comics (they still produce the Superman comics today).

Today’s Superman—also known as the “Man Of Steel”—made his debut in a short story that was titled The Reign Of the Superman.  This short story appeared in the magazine “Science Fiction: The Advance Guard of Future Civilization #3.”

The funny thing about this is that Superman didn’t appear in that story the same way that you think of him today.  When he made his debut, he was a bald telepathic villain bent on world domination.  If you ask me, it’s quite a bit different from the Superman of today that can stop a bullet or being able to jump over a tall building in a single leap.

The Superman that we know today made his debut in Action Comics #1, which was released in June of 1938 (Superman can still be found today in comic books today).  He also was in comic strips, which ran from January 1939 until May of 1966.

How many characters like Superman do you know of has been able to last over the years?

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