Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Depression Glass for everyone

Glassware that was distributed at a very low cost (or even free) during the Great Depression is one of today’s hottest collectibles.  Numerous patterns were manufactured by numerous glass companies.  Colors added a bit of beauty to an otherwise drab era—pinks, reds, blues, and even greens were sought after.

Books outlining their current cost and listing the prices offered in a certain pattern by a certain company such as Anchor Hocking are available online or in a bookstore.  Favorite and highly collectible patterns include Princess, Manhattan, Avocado, Doric, Miss America, English Hobnail—even Christmas Candy. 

My own grandmother treasured her green Princess sugar and creamer.  You can see all of the great Depression glass goodies in my Etsy shop here.  Do you have family favorites?

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