Friday, June 20, 2014

Got a decanter?

In 1955, the James Beam Distilling Company began offering ceramic whiskey decanters.  At the peak of interest in 1975, at least 20 companies were producing these decanters.  The decanter was often made for a certain distilling company’s product.

Most collectors specialize in a certain figures.  It could be a train, cars, Indians, characters like Jesse James, or even a fish like a Blue Marlin.

Most define a mint decanter with no chips or cracks, and the label is intact as well.

Values for these decanters vary.  Some can be found scratched up for a few dollars, while the perfect ones with a rare motif can be worth hundreds of dollars.

You can find the Blue Marlin and the Jesse James decanters in my Etsy store here.  What kind of decanters have you seen lately?

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