Monday, March 10, 2014

Why, it’s a small Keen Kutter wood plane!

Keen Kutter was a trade name that was used by Simmons Hardware starting in 1866, and made plenty of different items.  The product line included things like scissors, knives, hammers, and even this plane.

 Keen Kutter Small Wood Working Plane Hand Tool

Like many makers marks, you can use the Keen Kutter symbol on the blade of the plane to get a good time frame when the plane was made.  In this case, the symbol represents a saw tooth going through a piece of wood (which dates the plane to the early 1900’s).

On something like a tool, they are sometimes bought to be used (especially if they are not that valuable as a collectible).  On an item like this plane--there is some value in it as a collectible, but the tool also holds value to a person that does woodworking.  It is always best to ask yourself what is best—use an item like this or have it in your collection.  Either way the item is well enjoyed.

You can see this fantastic Keen Kutter plane in my Etsy store here.

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