Sunday, February 16, 2014


In 1984, Transformers reigned supreme as the have-to-have toy for boys.  They would play with these toy for hours (myself included), and couldn’t wait to see what the newest addition to the toy aisle or store was.

This toy captured a lot of imaginations by letting you “transform” the toy from a robot to a wide variety of other shapes.  It could be a car, truck, plane, gun, boat, or even combine together into another huge robot.

Today, those same boys are now grown-ups, and are seeking the very Transformers they tore up or wore out.  They are now paying big dollars for Optimus Prime, Megatron, or even Soundwave.

Don’t you wish you still had your Transformer still in mint condition and in the box?

File:Transformers layered text logo.png 

File:Autobot small.jpg 
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