Sunday, September 8, 2013

Signage is hot!

The summer may be cooling off, but sign collecting is heating up.

This 14 ½ inch by 17 ½ inch double sided enamel sign which reads “Fasten Your Seat Belts” and touts

Dependable Champion Spark Plugs is a great example of 1968 advertising.

Collectors will overlook dings and bumps (considering them rusty gold) to grab onto a great slogan and hard-to-find product.  Color that pops is an added bonus.  If you have an empty wall or space in your garage, or need a one-of-a-kind headboard, this area of collecting might just be for you.

You can find this particular sign is already for sale on Etsy right now with a price at $300.  This month’s 25% off sale means that you get $75 off.

You can click here for the listing.  You can use coupon code SUMMER25 to get 25% off when you check out.

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