Saturday, February 2, 2013

There’s A New Hot Item Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Starting in 1953, Fenton produced a line of glass called “Black Rose.”  The best way to describe this line is that it is a combination of Peach Blow and black crest glass.

The original line only lasted two years, and was discontinued in 1955.  Since the line wasn’t around that long, the pieces are more sought-after by collectors.

There have been some pieces made to be sold QVC, and the pieces were marked with a paper label.  If the pieces have been hand-painted, the artist will sign and date the bottom of the piece.  Items that come from the original line will either be unmarked, or have the Fenton name embossed on the bottom.

A picture of the original base can be seen here:

The basket that I have listed in my Etsy store dates to the 1950’s.  With a pink interior, it would be a great item for Valentine’s day.  It could be given to someone holding candy or even a small piece of jewelry or some flowers. 

You can see the Fenton “Black Rose” basket that I have listed in my Etsy store here.


  1. A friend of mine who is a fanatical Fenton collector found a Black Rose vase in a consignment store. Since it wasn't marked I guess the consignor didn't realize it was Fenton and my friend grabbed it for $10! He said he waited until he got in his car and then just screamed! I probably would too--it's one of their most beautiful lines.

    1. Man, what a find! I would keep a very close eye on this consignment shop for more great finds like this!