Saturday, December 15, 2012

Vintage Sheet Music For Every Type of Collector

It’s kind of scary how big the sheet music collectibles area is.  There are different styles of music like rock, country, and jazz.  When you start to look at each area, there are even sub-categories like rock-a-billy, hard rock, smooth jazz, and even classic jazz.  The list just goes on and on.

Click here to see a piece of WWI sheet music.

WWI is a popular area to collectors.  It’s not just the patriotic song, but the cover as well that people collect.  This type of sheet music was produced to help keep the spirits of the country up when we were involved in WWI.  The covers that feature at least one soldier tend to be the most popular.

Sheet music with great covers are also highly coveted.  Covers can feature celebrities like Joan Crawford, images from famous movies like THE SHEIK, or even famous artists like Norman Rockwell.

Click here to see a piece of sheet music featuring Joan Crawford.

Over the years, I have come across a ton of sheet music.  As with other areas of collecting, the condition is king.  The area that gets a lot of wear and tear are the edges and the spine of the music.  Fading to the cover is also another concern.  Over time, the sheet music could be left in the direct sunlight, and some of the art on the cover has faded away.  Things like writing on or in the sheet music, yellowing or missing pages, or brittle pages can also affect the value of the sheet music.  Price stickers from the retailer could also decrease the value of the music.

Click here to see a piece of sheet music featuring a Norman Rockwell Print.

There are as many ways to display your collection as there are items to collect.  They could be proudly displayed on a vintage piano, put on a coffee table, or even framed.  The list just goes on and on.

But do you know what the great thing about sheet music is?  Not only can you find pieces to fit any budget and fit into a fairly small space, you can also play it and get tons of enjoyment out of it.

Click here to see THE SHEIK sheet music.

You can see some additional examples of some vintage sheet music in my Etsy shop here.


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